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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Events

Infection Prevention 2019

Date: 22-Sep-19 to 24-Sep-19
Location: United Kingdom
The three-day conference will present the latest scientific evidence from around the globe to enable you to recognise, understand and address current and emerging risks. You will learn from experts about practices which are optimising outcomes and increasing the safety of patients. Infection Prevention 2019 will include: • A full, world class programme including two dedicated one day • Infection Prevention in • DIPC Day - A Day for the Development of Infection Prevention and Control • Internationally acclaimed infection prevention and control expert • The largest UK infection prevention • Call for • Networking opportunities with infection prevention specialists from around the • The second Infection Prevention Show – an ...

World Congress on Cardiology and Cardiovascular diseases

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 24-Sep-19
Location: Barcelona / Spain
The program format includes interactive case based discussions, surgical and medical perspectives to ensure a lively and relevant enlightening opportunity for all participants. It is an event with evidence-based, guideline-driven update of the critical domains in cardiovascular research. In our two day meeting, we have allowed ample time for discussion, including small group networking sessions. At this gathering we provide a platform for the researchers, with new developments to come to the forefront. This is a platform for cardiologists, surgeons, internists, trainees, investigators, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and allied health care staff who participate in the care of patients with coronary, peripheral, and structural cardiovascular diseases to share your ...

The 8th Annual Drug Repositioning and Repurposing Conference

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 24-Sep-19
Location: Arlington / United States
As the Single Longest-Running Conference in the Space, Arrowhead Publishers’ annual event continues to be the “go to” meeting for pharma executives, academicians, researchers and patient advocacy groups who want to keep abreast of new developments in the field, learn from experts and meet possible collaborators and partners. Key Subjects Covered at This Event: Patient Advocacy Emphasis on and engagement with patient advocacy groups, who are investing in drug repositioning efforts to an unprecedented degree. Cutting-Edge Artificial intelligence and other technologies are quickly reshaping drug discovery and development. This event will showcase how they are reshaping the field of drug repurposing. New The conference will explore how new partnerships ...

The 13th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 24-Sep-19
Location: Arlington / United States
Leaders from the biopharmaceutical industry, academia and government attend this conference to learn about the latest advances in the treatment of various types of pain and to network with colleagues from industry, academia, clinical research organizations, and government. This conference provides attendees with thoughtful insight from key industry leaders and academic researchers concerning cutting edge drug discovery science, preclinical development trends, analysis of key clinical-stage pain therapies and newly marketed products.

6th Technology Transfer for Biologics Conference

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 24-Sep-19
Location: Boston / United States
6th Technology Transfer for Biologics Conference provides attendees with an unequaled opportunity to study and improve fundamental, day-to-day management techniques. Our unmatched speaking faculty helps you to minimize variation between biologic runs at all production scales, maximize biologics quality and predictability, and accelerate commercialization. Top Reasons to Attend: * Reduce costs and risks while increasing the success rate for tech * Adapt technology transfer to respond to urgent medical * Discuss best practice for creating a successful partnership with outsourced * Navigate the continuous manufacturing process for tech * Communication insight with internal and domestic * Identify technical the application of the analytical method ...

9th CMO Quality Oversight & Risk Management

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 24-Sep-19
Location: Boston / United States
Most life science companies are partnering with external organizations that have specialized expertise to develop and manufacture their products in an effort to streamline operations. As with any partnership, there is risk and uncertainty that comes into play when utilizing a contract manufacturing organization. Sponsors are continually looking for new and efficient ways of managing risk and ensuring the best quality standards. CMO selection is another process that is continuously improved and reevaluated based on the marketplace and a sponsor’s need for production. It is critical to assess potential vendors before signing a contract and beginning a partnership. The 9th CMO Quality Oversight & Risk Management Summit will optimize the collaboration between sponsors and vendors by ...

Stability Testing Summit

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 23-Sep-19
Location: Boston / United States
This conference will address both the business and scientific aspects of stability testing. As organizations look to streamline operating costs and reduce time to market, stability testing executives will have an opportunity to gain insights into how real-life conditions can impact the supply chain, testing facilities, operating costs, formulations, manufacturing processes, packaging, and analytical methods. Top Five Reasons to Attend: -Discover innovative approaches to product stability testing & -Identify ways to ensure your organization has an advanced, compliant process that exceeds the expectations of -Ensure the long-term stability of both final formulations as well as active and inactive -Evaluate testing methods and tactics when working with ...

7th Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practices

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 23-Sep-19
Location: United States
Promotional review professionals face new challenges from the rapid growth of social media, to the popularization of online regulatory submission, to the still-developing shockwaves released by 1st Amendment court decisions about off-label communication. And even as those new challenges arise, PRCs must always be able to gather and organize input from multiple disciplines, make their deadlines, and ensure the review process moves smoothly and without mistakes. Top Five Reasons to Attend: -Latest analysis about off-label messaging and scientific exchange after recent 1st Amendment court -Detailed strategies for improving your promotional review approach for social networks and adaptive -Best practice for communications with payers and managed -Troubleshooting ad/...

Medical Affairs Strategic Summit West

Date: 23-Sep-19 to 25-Sep-19
Location: San Diego / United States
MASS West 2019 provides a holistic view of medical affairs, allowing organizations to develop a unified scientific voice and help position the function as a strategic and credible customer-facing partner in the healthcare marketplace. This event addresses the strategic and operational challenges facing medical affairs, MSL managers, and field medical professionals, and provides attendees with the opportunity to attend sessions from Medical Affairs Executive Strategy and MSL Best Practices tracks to improve these functions.